It’s not every day that an Afrikaans girl with a love for springbok fillet goes vegan! Adopting a plant-based lifestyle has changed my life in ways I never imagined possible. Today, I am the Media & Outreach Manager for an animal protection organisation, a plant-powered athlete, featured vegan blogger, and published author.

The South African Vegan Cookbook is a little dream come true! It is filled with 80 of my favourite plant-packed meals as well as pages of information and inspiration. From salivating smoothies to epic braai recipes, veg-friendly eateries and easy everyday substitutions, this beautiful book is the ultimate guide to introducing plant-based foods to your daily life.

Becoming vegan is one of the best decisions I have ever made. It has impacted so much more than what I dish up on my plate.

Besides the book, I’ve created this site to share the latest vegan news, my personal reviews, awesome events, tips and tricks and many more delicious treats.

It’ll take you from sunrise to sunset, marvellous meals just for you or to enjoy with family and friends.

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